For those that wish to formalise their Faith journey, as it were, we now offer a membership option to join our ministry. 

To join you need to agree, at least in principal, with the majority of this website and in particular our Tenets of Faith section. 

Two types of membership are offered, Individual membership at the cost of £15.00 per annum, or Joint membership (you and your partner) for the cost of £25.00 per annum.

You may join our organisation by clicking HERE.

For the price of your membership you will be  sent a membership e-mail detailing your membership.

Membership also entitles you to put the letters MSGM after your name and for male members you will receive the title of "Master", which you can put before your name. For female members you can put the title of "Mistress" in front of your name.

The letters MSGM stand for "Member of Saint George Ministry".

The leaders of Saint George Ministry are the organisations founders and are known by the titles of "Grand Master" (High Priest) and "Grand Mistress" (High Priestess).

All members ultimately report to the Grand Master/High Priest and Grand Mistress/High Priestess, and as such membership suitability and duration is at their sole discretion. Terminated memberships are not subject to any form of refund, either in whole or part thereof.

All paid for memberships will last for one year in duration subject to any decision by the Grand Master/High Priest or Grand Mistress/High Priestess.

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over.

For a full explanation of the meaning of our trademarked 14 Pentagram logo, please click HERE.