Our Faith

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          The Tenets of our Faith

  • We believe that there exists in our universe a "Universal Force" that has been the source of all creation. Everything must conform to the parameters as created by this Force. This Force has been called by many names throughout time including the name "God".
  • "The Force"  (God) has been known by many names throughout time, (and still is), including Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Satan, Cernunnos, Morrigan, Hecate, Mother Nature, etc. etc. etc. When you pray to a "particular" god, you are praying to a "particular aspect" of this "Force".
  • We believe that many of the so-called scriptures of the worlds religions offer excellent advice on morals and provide in many cases excellent guidelines on how to live ones life. We believe however that all these Scriptures were ultimately written and compiled by mankind, and therefore no one single Scripture is the ultimate truth.
  • So called " Light" and "Dark" exists in our world. You cannot possibly know what the difference or significance of each is without having fully studied both.
  • No "so-called" organised mainstream religion has the monopoly on the truth.
  • There exists a "Spirit Realm" that each and every one of us can encounter, if we allow ourselves to be open to such things, and if it suites us to explore such.
  • So-called Witchcraft/Sorcery does indeed work, and is a skill that can be learnt by anyone "open" enough to explore it.
  • "Nature" has made humanity the way we are. We should not believe that we are "sinful" or imperfect in any way.
  • Prayer to a god of your choice is a perfectly natural desire that should be embraced and not condemned. Each to their own.
  • To "love everyone", as some religious scriptures suggest is totally unnatural and goes totally against human nature. To try to do so can lead to psychological imbalance, which in turn can lead to both mental and physical illness.
  • Love and hate are an integral part of mankind's nature, and are two of the strongest emotions we can experience. Both should be embraced for what they are.
  • "Live and Let Live". Each of us should live our lives to the full in whatever way suits our desires providing of course that this respects the wishes of others.
  • "To turn the other cheek", as some religions advocate is again a totally unnatural thing to do. By doing such an unnatural thing you invite more abuse to come your way. If it suits you to back off from a confrontational situation then that is fine, but if it doesn't, then why should you? - Having said this, from a self preservation point of view (both physically and otherwise), turning the other cheek can be quite sound advice!
  • Vegetarianism or Veganism is a goal that all humans should aspire to and ultimately aim to achieve and maintain.

  • Each of us should respect the others choice of Faith (if any). We are all on a journey. Where we are currently in terms of our Faith beliefs is where we are meant to be. A persons "current Faith status" can and in all probability will change. There is nothing wrong with that. Faith should be able to change and evolve, just like nature itself!